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Latin Sweets


Welcome to Jeannie's Flan

It started with simply wanting to continue family traditions of my own.  Each dessert has its memories and hearing my customers say how my desserts have brought back childhood memories is priceless. 

I've always had a heart for baking Latin traditional desserts for familly gatherings and during the holidays. Requests for the desserts began and alas Jeannie's Flan Inc.


Jeannie's Desserts

Being able to introduce a variety of Latin desserts to new customers is exciting. Their reaction is motivating and encourages me to continue my passion while staying true to my desserts & flavors. These desserts are very popular with Latinos especially around the holidays. Now everyone can enjoy these traditional desserts that will take you to the Caribbean with the first bite.


Our product / Pick up - Delivery

Gluten free / Vegan desserts available.

Only pasteurized, organic ingredients used. 

Non-GMO & No MSG. 

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